What is the Shockbox?

The Shockbox is an injury-management platform consisting of four parts:

1.  A wireless impact sensor that measures head-impact magnitude, direction and time of occurrence. Upon player head-impact, a Bluetooth alert is sent instantly to a trainer or parents’ regular smartphone, outlining the details of the impact. The impact information is received via our free Shockbox application available for download on the marketplace.

2. An assessment tool that walks a trainer or parent through SCAT2 protocol and includes an observable symptoms checklist, random-question generator and a balance test simulator.

3. A communication tool that allows all information to be re-directed to a player’s individualized contact list via text, call or email.

4. A reporting tool that allows all information to be exported as an Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet.

Will it tell me if a player has a concussion?

No, the Shockbox is not a diagnostic tool in any way but rather an extra, objective tool that can be referred to. It is particularly effective for hits that go unseen. It may also alert trainers as to when they should start their injury protocol.

Is it legal to wear it on top of the helmet?

The CSA only developed a standard in early February 2012 for testing helmet sensors. In the meantime, the CSA has asked us to comply with the following 2 rules:

1) The adhesive cannot deteriorate the material of the helmet– Our polyethylene-compatible 3M adhesive tape is specifically designed for the helmet plastic and does not deteriorate helmet material whatsoever.

2) Any attachment to a helmet cannot alter the protection of the helmet in any way – The Shockbox has been tested and proven to disperse impact energy out over a wider surface area, increasing protection between 15 to 20 percent for hits to the top of the crown.

HECC does not do any testing; they adopt the standards of the CSA.

What are some of the Shockbox specifications?

The Bluetooth device transmits approximately 100 metres (325 feet) which provides trainers or parents with ample room to move around the arena. The App currently available works with Android and Blackberry units with one for iPhone expected to be available by the time this issue is published.

The unit weighs only 28 grams (0.9 ounces) and is fastened to the helmet by a polyethylene-compatible 3M adhesive tape that can be safely applied and removed without damaging the protection or the warranty of the helmet. It actually measures peak G-force.

At what level of force will the sensor trigger?

The Shockbox has been calibrated to trigger at 50Gs of force or more, depending on the helmet type. Ninety-two percent of regular hits in hockey occur below 50Gs. There is an approximate 50 percent probability of concussion for a 90G impact to the head*. A 150G impact to the head results in an approximate 95 percent probability of concussion*.  Sixty-five percent or more of concussions occur at an average magnitude of approximately 90Gs*. Impact history is stored for hits below 50Gs, however no signal will be sent to a device for impacts below this level.

* Data from Wayne State injury model and Pellman et.al 2000 NFL study.

Have you had any input from people in the medical field?

Yes. Dr. Charles Tator is an active member on our board of advisors and has provided us with valuable input throughout our development process. He is the developer of the ThinkFirst brain and spinal cord injury-prevention education program which developed SMART HOCKEY. Additionally, he has focused a portion of his professional research to concussions experienced by hockey players. As well, Dr. Bob Cantou and Chris Nowinski of the Sports Legacy Institute (Boston, Mass.) have expressed their appreciation for the Shockbox as an effective “Hit Counter”.

Who is currently wearing the Shockbox?

Currently the Ottawa 67’s wear our sensors during practice. We also had four players in the NHL who wore customized internal Shockbox units during their playoff runs. Beyond that, a number of minor hockey teams throughout Canada and the United States are using the Shockbox platform.

Who are the Shockbox Partners?

We are the exclusive supplier of helmet sensors to the ECAC, which is the NCAA division1 hockey conference that hosts Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Union and five other elite hockey colleges.

Contact information: Email shockboxsouthernregi​on@gmail.com or visit : www.impaktprotective.com